Evil Backwards | 8B Boulder problem


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Alex Puccio
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Added at 07:05 on 21 May 2023
Sera Gearhart
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Added at 13:07 on 04 July 2023
Sera Gearhart
Added at 06:08 on 25 August 2023


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Daniel Woods Boulder | worked 28th Jun 2010
First ascent.
Alex Puccio Boulder | worked 28th Jun 2017
Brooke Raboutou Boulder | worked 14th Jun 2022

Came here 5 years ago and watched [Alex] Puccio send, thought it was too big for me but really just wasn’t strong enough lol! First go from the bottom :)

Sera Gearhart Boulder | worked 1st Jul 2023
Katie Lamb Boulder | worked 9th Jul 2023