Momentum | 8B+ Boulder problem

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Florian Wientjes
Added at 16:10 on 06 October 2023
Aidan Roberts
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Added at 05:05 on 15 May 2023
Aidan Roberts
Added at 17:05 on 12 May 2023


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Nalle Hukkataival Boulder | worked Nov 2012 8C
First ascent.

Tall overhang with explosive and powerful moves and very few footholds. One of the most amazing sequences I can think of! So simple, yet so intricate. A dream come true!

Jan Hojer Boulder | worked 20th Nov 2012 8B+
Florian Wientjes Boulder | worked Between 1st Jan 2022 and 1st Jan 2024
Aidan Roberts Boulder | flash Apr 2023

As is often the case with my more considered flash attempts, it’s usually the encouragement of others which inspires a good first go. This time it was [Keenan Takahashi] and [Daniel Woods] whom recommended it and kindly gave me some good advice. It certainly makes sense. The climb prides itself in simplicity. Isolate on a small right hand and drive into the left foot to gain a lovely pinch. And only a few large moves create a tall and proud face of climbing.

Between intermittent rain showers and wavering motivation at the idea of a soggy top-out slab, a weather window opened and I was able to top out on my flash attempt, a great feeling! [2]