Live Fast, Die Young | E7 Trad climb at Wicket Gate Crag

Contributors: remus

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Mathew Wright
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Added at 06:07 on 13 July 2022
Robbie Phillips
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Added at 11:07 on 15 July 2022
Alex Moore
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Added at 17:07 on 15 July 2022


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Mathew Wright Lead | worked 12th Jul 2022 E9
First ascent.



Robbie Phillips Lead | worked 14th Jul 2022 E7
Second ascent.

Robbie spent some time cleaning up the bold mid section of the route and found several small wires and a couple of cam placements that made the route significantly safer than how it was climbed on the first ascent.

After his ascent Robbie supplied Alex Moore with his beta and Alex was able to flash the route!



Alex Moore Lead | flash 14th Jul 2022