Coup de Grace | 9a Sport route

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Sean Bailey
Added at 20:09 on 30 September 2021
Keenan Takahashi
Added at 20:09 on 30 September 2021
Dylan Chuat
Added at 21:09 on 24 September 2022


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Dave Graham Lead (Worked) 31st Oct 2005 9a+

Gabriele Moroni Lead (Worked) Apr 2011 9a

Second ascent. Gabri found some new beta for the start which took it from ~8B to ~8A, so he suggested 9a for the whole route was more appropriate.

Sean Bailey Lead (Worked) 2019

Keenan Takahashi Lead (Worked) 17th Mar 2020

Dylan Chuat Lead (Worked) 2nd May 2021