Spaceship | 8B+ Boulder problem at Biblins Cave

Extension of Godzilla. See also World at War and The World is Yours.

Pics + Vids

Jonny Kydd
Added at 08:01 on 12 January 2021
Sam Prior
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Added at 19:03 on 31 March 2021
Orrin Coley
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Added at 07:05 on 30 May 2022
Leo Skinner
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Added at 07:06 on 14 June 2022


10 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
James Squire Boulder | worked 19th May 2018 8B+
First ascent.
Jonny Kydd Boulder | worked 25th Aug 2018
Sam Prior Boulder | worked 4th Sep 2019 8B+ (soft)
Hamish Potokar Boulder | worked Jul 2020
Sam Blackwell Boulder | worked 9th Sep 2020 8B+ (soft)
Phil Rose Boulder | worked 2022
Orrin Coley Boulder | worked 28th May 2022 8B+ (soft)
Leo Skinner Boulder | worked 12th Jun 2022 8B+ (soft)
Rajendra Pun Boulder | worked 14th Jun 2022
Solly Kemball-Dory Boulder | worked 28th Jun 2022 8B+ (soft)