Lifeforce | 8b+ Sport route at Fishermans Ledge

Contributors: remus


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Pete Oxley Lead | worked 2nd Oct 2005
First ascent.

It's one of the most inspiring hard sport climbs in the South, on superb rock, and probably the widest sport overhang ever climbed in the UK? I first bolted it 14 years ago [1991] and then abandoned it after failure. Recently I rebolted it and success was achieved after six half days, with cool conditions the key to success. During the ascent I had a very emotional and overwhelming sense of the presence of my great friend the late Brian Tilley. He filled my mind all the way up as we had done great things in this cave many years ago. When I got home Jan said the phone had rung about 2.00 in the afternoon about the time I was on the route, the caller asked 'Is Brian there...'. I dedicate the route to his memory. [1]