Zero | 8B Boulder problem


Dave MacLeod
Added at 14:05 on 13 May 2021
Tim Blake
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Added at 07:06 on 13 June 2021


4 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date
Dave MacLeod Boulder (Worked) 01 Jan 2021 (approx)

Tim Blake Boulder (Worked) 12 Jun 2021

Jerry Moffatt Lead (Flash)

Third ascent.

Andy Pollitt Lead (Worked)

Second ascent.

Again with Paul [Williams] , the second ascent of Pete Livesey’s Zero – a genuine frightener on Idwal’s Suicide Wall. On my first attempt, facing a ground fall from about seventy feet, my left index finger ended up in the pocket that my hex 3 needed to be in. Committing to the ‘dead-point’ principle, I pulled my finger out with a ‘pop’ and hurriedly stacked the little nut upright to cam it in the pocket, then grabbed it and clipped my rope in. On reaching the ground after a rapid but gentle lower-off, the nut must’ve come out of tension so slid all the way back down to the bottom … along with my rope a second or two later! [1]