Fallingwater | 8c Sport route at Cheddar Gorge

Bolted by Ally Smith. Also known as Infra-Rage.

Bolted in 2006 by Ally Smith and Freddy Mead they then tried the route in 2007 before abandoning it.

Approximately an 8A boulder in to a 7c/7c+/8a route (depending on who you ask).

Pics + Vids

Mathew Wright
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Added at 09:05 on 05 May 2021
Freddy Mead
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Added at 05:10 on 04 October 2022
Josh Rundle
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Added at 19:02 on 24 February 2023
Arlo Rogers
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Added at 11:06 on 13 June 2023


6 recorded ascents.

Climber Style FA Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Ellis Butler-Barker Lead (Worked) 16th May 2015
Mathew Wright Lead (Worked) 2nd May 2021

Second ascent?


Freddy Mead Lead (Worked) 1st Oct 2022

16 years after after first bolting the line, including a stint of giving up climbing entirely.


Josh Rundle Lead (Worked) 24th Feb 2023


Jamie Rankin Lead (Worked) 27th May 2023 8b+ (soft)
Arlo Rogers Lead (Worked) 30th May 2023 8b+