Private World | E5 Trad climb at Bukator Cliff

Mick Fowler. Shale. Need we say more?

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5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Mick Fowler Alternate Leads | onsight 5th May 1979
First ascent.
Frank Ramsey Alternate Leads | onsight 9th Aug 1989
With Crispin Waddy.

Started to rain heavily as Crispin [Waddy] was leading the last pitch. He took a fall and the gear held!

Crispin Waddy Alternate Leads 9th Aug 1989
With Frank Ramsey.
Ian Parnell Alternate Leads | onsight Aug 1997
With Clark Alston.

I was finding things even more worrying than usual having dropped one of my shoes in to the sea on pitch 3. Through the gathering darkness I looked back at Clark [Alston] trying not to weight the pathetic belay. We were both thinking the same thing: if I couldn't get past this next section of 5c mud and talc we were in really big trouble... [1]


[1] Hope, D., Wilkinson, B. (2000). North Devon and Cornwall. United Kingdom: Climbers' Club.

Clark Alston Alternate Leads | onsight Aug 1997
With Ian Parnell.