Beyond | 9a+ Sport route

See also Beyond Integral.
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Sébastien Berthe
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Added at 21:01 on 03 January 2024
Sébastien Berthe
Added at 17:02 on 28 February 2024
Dylan Chuat
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Added at 14:05 on 01 May 2024


5 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Sébastien Bouin Lead | worked 26th May 2019 9a
First ascent.
Sébastien Bouin Lead | repeat Between 26th May 2019 and 29th Aug 2023 9a+

A hold broke in the second crux turning a 7B boulder in to a 7C+ boulder. After repeating the route with the broken hold Seb suggested an upgrade to 9a+. [1]



Tanguy Merard Lead | worked 29th Aug 2023 9a+
Second ascent.
Sébastien Berthe Lead | worked 23rd Dec 2023 9a+ (soft)
Dylan Chuat Lead | worked 16th Apr 2024 9a+