The last Temptation of St. Anthony | E8/7c+ Trad climb

Bolted by Marc-André Leclerc.

FA of pitch 1 (A4) by Chris Geisler in Summer 2000.

FFA achieved by Marc-Andre Leclerc. Pitch 3 ("Shifting Gears"), 5 and 6 ("Zephyr Cookie Power") accomplished in Summer 2011. Pitch 2 in June 2012. Pitch 4 ("Cerebral Fornication") in October 2013.

Pitch 4 is considered one of the boldest and scariest leads on the Chief.

The climb is rated 5.13a R/X.

Contributors: remus, 8fc78a


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Marc-André Leclerc Lead (Worked)
First ascent.