Hump of Trouble | 9a+ Sport route

Bolted by Tom O'Halloran.
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Tom O'Halloran
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Added at 10:08 on 11 August 2023
Tom O'Halloran
Added at 07:12 on 17 December 2023
Tom O'Halloran
Added at 05:04 on 06 April 2024


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Tom O'Halloran Lead | worked 8th Aug 2023 9a+
First ascent. Over 60 sessions.

[As I was getting tied in] I was chatting with my belayer about commitment, and we were talking about times where we had just risked it all to try and make it happen. And I figured, at a certain point, I needed to stop thinking about my next attempt, my next day on the route, my next season and I need to just commit to what was right here in front of me. One move at a time. One tie-in at a time. Put everything on red. [2]