Sharp Practice | 8a+ Sport route at Chee Dale Lower

Contributors: remus


2 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Keith Sharples Lead | worked 1995
First ascent.
Mike Lea Lead | worked
Second ascent?

Keith Sharples:

The only other person I know that has defo done it was Mike Lea and his ascent was back just after I did the FA.

Mike was very competitive at the time and although he was. Climbing better than I was - by some distance he was determined to repeat it, to do it easily and then down grade it down to 8a!

Well, that not quite what happened.

Yes, he repeated it - possibly even in a day. However he found it nails and in repeating it he hurt his back quite badly doing the jump. So much so that he had to admit it was hard and way too hard for 8a so it stayed at 8a+. [1]