Los Humildes pa Casa | 8b+ Sport route at Oliana


Contributors: remus


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Maja Štremfelj Lead | onsight 6th Apr 2010
Martina Demmel Lead | onsight 24th Mar 2021
Solveig Korherr Lead | onsight 3rd Jan 2024

It’s actually the first time I’ve intentionally saved a route for an onsight attempt. Typically, my approach to climbing always involves giving my best and trying as hard as possible on the first attempt- I’ve always enjoyed onsight challenges. On my first day in Oliana, „Humildes pa Casa“ was the most outstanding line to me. It has been one of my goals to onsight 8b+ and I thought this route could be a good candidate for it. It has seen a few successful onsights already and tufa lines like this one are great for onsighting. The kneebar rests are useful for taking a look and planning the next parts of the climb.

However, I didn’t like the pressure I put on myself and this is why, I avoided the route for a while. I think it’s good that I waited a bit to get to know the wall and the style a bit better in Oliana. Yesterday, after my hangboard warm-up, I decided to just go for it, trying not to overthink. I think one of my strengths is that once I commit to a route, I can fully focus on the climb and give it my all. Towards the end, when the tufas became sloppy and finding the right body position was difficult, I definitely got nervous. However, I managed to stay calm and eventually reached the anchor—a truly satisfying feeling! [1]


[1] https://fanatic-climbing.com/solveig-korherr-realise-humildes-pa-casa-8b-a-vue-solveig-korherr-onsights-humildes-pa-casa-8b/