Mejorando La Samfaina | 9b+ Sport route

See also Mejorando Imagen and Samfaina.
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Jorge Díaz-Rullo
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Added at 17:02 on 08 February 2023


1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jorge Díaz-Rullo Lead | worked 8th Feb 2023
First ascent.

What a line! Conexión of almost whole part of Mejorando Imagen with the reverse of Víctimas Pérez and with the final hard part of Samfaina. In total, a big marathon of more than 80 moves without many rest. If I am honest, I should propose 9b+ because I felt harder than the 9b's that I did before, but I don't know really what is the step from 9b to 9b+, next repetitions will confirm! [3]