One Hundred Proof | 9a Sport route

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Jonathan Siegrest
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Added at 06:10 on 28 October 2022


3 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Jonathan Siegrest Lead | worked Feb 2020 9a+
Joe Kinder Lead | worked 9th Dec 2023 9a

Good times sessioning with CAMADOHN. Got through the bottom crux and rallied to the top! Basic moves, pump, rests and simple style. Good for the old folks I’m guessing. 9a is best since there’s knees and modern climbs call for modern tactics. Double send day for Cam and me!!!!!



Cameron Hörst Lead | worked 9th Dec 2023 9a

Cameron suggested downgrade to 9a due to new Kneebar Beta.

”One Hundred Proof” has been a route that I’ve always had plans of trying to do. It is a somewhat well known J star FA in the Vegas/ Southwestern USA climbing scene. What made it stand out to me is that it has been left unrepeated for the last few years since the FA. This climb got its long-awaited second ascent! I am suggesting a down grade because a few days before I sent, I found a new knee bar rest that definitely lowered the intensity of the climb a bit. I thought that since some crucial hands and feet broke off while I was climbing on it, the breakage would potentially even out the difficulty with the new knee. I really wanted this climb to remain 9a+ but in the end I still think the route is probably just really solid 9a (the way I did it). And personally one of the harder 9a's I've done since its style is not my forte lol.

I’m super appreciative of Andy Raether and J star’s vision on this route and hope it gets more attention in the future!