Chewing the Cwd | E5 Trad climb at Rainbow Slab Area

Adam Wainwright:

[Described as having a large runout in the upper section in the 1992 guide] This comment is untrue. The route is of a similar nature to other E5s on this slab. The only reaosn Paul Pritchard managed to fall 70' off is, is due to being drunk. [1]


[1] Llanberis Slate. United Kingdom: Ground Up, 2011.

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Paul Pritchard
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1 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Paul Pritchard Lead | ground up 14th Feb 1987
First ascent.

I was drinking whisky in the Padarn Lake Hotel with Gwion Hughes, who I was living with at the time, when suddenly I had a smart idea. ‘I have an excellent new climb to do. Why don’t we go climbing?’ The pair of us swayed and staggered up to the vast Rainbow Slab. The climb I had seen was a long hairline fracture splitting the left side of the slab. And I had the misguided notion to climb it on sight, without pre-inspection from a rope – and a little bit intoxicated. I threw a string of micro-wires, tiny brass-headed nuts, in the seam, without the least regard for my safety. The climbing was really quite difficult and became increasingly so. Nevertheless, I carried on with scant regard for my personal safety. I still remember attempting to pull on a depression into which you could place flat a fifty-pence piece: a strange, white pocket in a sea of blue-grey slate. I studied it for what seemed like an eternity and searched for my next hold. My shoe edges were set on mere ripples in the featureless slab. I began to slip and then accelerated down the slab, taking a twenty-five-metre fall. The rope burned through the lycra behind my knee. I came to a halt inches from the ground. [1]