Raggamuffin | 8B+ Boulder problem at Boardwalk Cave Dovedale


Links Ragga in to Muffin Top.

Aidan Roberts made the first ascent and climbed the line from a full sit start suggesting 8C. While attempting to make the second ascent Will Bosi broke a crucial foothold for the start but did re-climb the problem from a crouch, suggesting 8B+ for this version of the problem.

Contributors: remus

Pics + Vids

Aidan Roberts
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Added at 05:06 on 20 June 2022
Aidan Roberts
Added at 07:10 on 04 October 2022
Will Bosi
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Added at 21:09 on 04 September 2022


2 recorded ascents.

Climber Style Ascent Date Suggested Grade
Aidan Roberts Boulder | worked 14th Jun 2022 8C
Will Bosi Boulder | worked 13th Aug 2022 8B+

Will broke a foothold on his first go which made the sit unfeasible. However he then did the problem from a crouch start and suggested 8B+ for this.